Historical Map of the Russian Empire

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The Russian Review ranks among the oldest and most widely-read journals of Russian studies. Since its establishment in 1941, its mission has been to present a broad panorama of the Russian scene, both past and present. Each issue features engaging articles and book reviews on Russian culture, history, literature, media, politics, and society. The journal’s scope encompasses the diverse peoples of Russia and Eurasia, in the region and across the globe.

Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The editorial collegium of The Russian Review condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the historical falsehoods used by Russian President Vladimir Putin to justify a war of aggression. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and its democratically elected government. We also support the citizens of Russia and Belarus exercising their right to speak out against the war, often at great personal risk. As a journal devoted to interdisciplinary and international scholarship on a diverse region, we will continue to publish work that foregrounds Ukraine’s distinctive history and culture, and offers an accurate view of Ukraine’s historical relationship with the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and post-Soviet Russia.