Irina Erman Wins First Annual Levin Article Prize

Please join us in congratulating Irina Erman, winner of the journal's first annual Levin Article Prize!

Her article, “Nation and Vampiric Narration in Aleksey Tolstoy’s ‘The Family of the Vourdalak,’” was published in our January 2020 issue. While prize committee members noted that they were forced to choose from many worthy articles, they had the following to say about Erman’s work: “The article successfully draws on literary analysis, history, and sociology to weave a narrative as interesting as the vampiric fiction she describes. Erman’s prose is engaging and straightforward yet is still analytically rigorous. At the end of the day, ‘Nation and Vampiric Narration’ is an edifying article that the committee truly enjoyed reading.”

Erman is Assistant Professor and Director of Russian Studies at the College of Charleston.

The journal is grateful to Tyler Adkins, Anna Bisikalo, LeiAnna Hamel, Ian Reinke, and Adam Rodgers for serving on the prize committee, and especially to Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon for chairing the committee.

Listen to Erman discuss her prize-winning article with Sean Guillory on the SRB Podcast.

If you are a scholar interested in being considered for the prize in the future, send us your manuscripts--all articles published in the journal in the previous calendar year will be considered for the award!